Top 5 Video Marketing Mistakes

Take your listings to the next level by avoiding these common real estate video missteps.

So you’ve made an amazing video to connect with potential clients. Fantastic. So why isn’t it getting any traction? Is your view count low? Are you not seeing any click throughs to your website? What gives? It may not have anything to do with your video at all but rather how it’s reaching (or not reaching) your target audience. Are you making any of these common video marketing mistakes?

1. Only Posting to One Platform

You may be doing this for a couple of reasons. Perhaps you’re only familiar or comfortable with one platform like Facebook. Or maybe you’re afraid that if you post your video across multiple platforms, you’ll be losing views on your favorite platform. You need to let these ideas go. First of all, familiarize yourself with the major social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, etc.) immediately. They are necessary. Second, 50 views on Facebook, 20 views on Instagram, 10 views on You Tube, and 5 views on Twitter is still better than 65 views on Facebook alone. Broad exposure is a good thing. Not all of your clients will use social media the same way, so cover your bases.

2. Hopping on the 4K Bandwagon Too Soon

While 4K is the wave of the video future, it’s still in it’s infancy for many users. Not everyone is using a 4K capable device and it could cause problems when it comes to delivering your video quickly. We would all love for our videos to have crystal clarity and unbelievable definition, but not when it causes infuriating buffering issues for our viewers. Studies have shown that people start to abandon videos in as little as two seconds if there’s a buffering delay. Don’t do that to yourself or your brand.

3. Ignoring Basic SEO Principles

SEO is a word (or rather, acronym) that gets thrown around a lot these days. If you aren’t familiar with it, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the ways in which we make sure that our content gets seen on the web. For your video, it means making sure that you use relevant and appropriate key words, tags and titles, as well as custom thumbnail photos. If your video is about home staging (link to other article here), then make sure you incorporate key words such as “home staging” or “real estate photography” in the title or tags so that people who need that information can find your video. Something like “house hunting” or “selling” while technically related, isn’t as specific or effective. Your thumbnail photo is equally important because it’s the only preview of your video’s content that the viewer has before he or she chooses to play it. Make it something relevant and intriguing. Would you want to click on it?

4. You Don’t Have a Plan

But you made a video, isn’t that the plan? Well yes, but it’s only part of the plan. There’s no sense in pouring all your efforts into making an amazing video just so it can gather dust on your web page or You Tube channel. Unfortunately, as wonderful as Google is, it can’t guarantee that your target audience will just magically stumble onto your video. After you make your video, be sure to enlist your loyal family and friends in a share campaign, or better yet, why not invest a few bucks in some short-term targeted ad campaigns on those social media platforms we discussed earlier? No matter how you do it, make sure that your video has travel plans. Videos only go viral when people see them.

5. There Isn’t a Call to Action

Your call to action is what ties your awesome content (like blog posts or videos) to that website visit or phone call you want. After all, you’ve made your video to attract clients, right? You may impart some jaw-dropping wisdom in your video but unless you clearly and concisely tell your viewers what to do next, they’ll simply move on to the next cool video. Be sure to let them know that if they want to learn more, they can sign up for your email list or if they need help today, that they can call your office or visit your website.

And now here’s our call to action for you! (See what we did there?) If you want to know A LOT more about creating amazing video and photos for your own real estate business or brand, then you’ll definitely want to check out our online classes at (website here). And as always, if you have any questions or comments you’d like to share, let us know in the comments section below!

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