5 Simple Tips for Improving Your On-Camera Presence

How to use quality videos of yourself to find clients, sell listings, and build your brand.

Thanks to the prevalence of social media, your customers and clients are expecting a certain level of interaction with you as a means of learning about your brand. Well executed videos can create an instant connection between you and your clients but not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. Luckily, we’ve put together five simple tips to help you conquer your newbie, on-camera jitters.

1.Start With Stories

No we don’t mean an actual story, we’re talking about the “stories” function that’s now available on the biggest social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. If you aren’t using any of these platforms to promote your business yet, then you absolutely should be. Stories are short form videos that are typically shot on the go using a smart phone and released to your public immediately. This is a great way to start because while you may not be familiar with using a video camera, just about everyone is comfortable talking to their phone. Also, the short format and lack of post-production or editing makes this a simple but highly effective introduction to creating your own brand videos.

2.Pretend You’re Talking to another Person

This is a tried and true method for appearing more natural in front of a camera. Whether we know it or not, our mannerisms, expressions and even our voices change when we talk into a camera rather than to another person. Putting a face on that lens, so to speak, can humanize it and allow you to pretend that you’re enthusiastically sharing your valuable information with one eager listener instead of a faceless

crowd on the other end.

An added benefit of pretending to hold a conversation is that some small slip ups may make it into your presentation. While any big blunders can easily be edited out, some small conversation-style hiccups can actually make you seem more accessible and make your audience feel more engaged.

3.Actually Have a Person Stand Behind the Camera

If your powers of imagination aren’t quite developed enough to put a face on the lens, then do yourself one better and put a real face behind it. Not only will this allow you to speak to a real person instead of the camera, it allows you to use a technique known as “off camera look”. By making eye contact with someone just off camera you’re spared the blank stare of the lens and the pressure that can come with it. Just make sure they aren’t too far off camera or your audience may wonder what you’re looking at.

4.Use a Teleprompter

At first, a teleprompter may sound a little too advanced but the reality is that they aren’t just for news rooms anymore. There are some simple and easy to use teleprompters out there for individuals if you aren’t the off the cuff type. Using a teleprompter can help take some of the pressure off by removing the need for memorization, but it does come with a little extra prep work. Obviously, if you opt to use a teleprompter, you will need to write out a script in advance, or at the very least, bullet points that you can follow.

Another pro tip – if you choose to use a teleprompter, be sure to situate yourself far enough away from the camera so that your audience can’t see your eyes scanning the text.

5.Practice, Practice, Practice

This may seem painfully obvious but it really can’t be stressed enough when it comes to perfecting your on-camera presence. Just like math homework, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Simply turn on your camera and start talking to it. You can talk about anything and just because you shoot doesn’t mean it has to be posted. Take these “unusable” videos and use them to dissect your on-camera habits. Do you say “um” or “like” too frequently? Do you talk with your hands too much? These are things you can only become aware of and correct by watching yourself on camera repeatedly. Getting started in video can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these easy tips to get started, and you’ll be putting quality content into the world in no time.

As always, please feel free to post any questions or comments you might have in our comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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